Friday, November 13, 2020

Haning Prints

Hanging Prints are now available! $25 each.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Christmas Cards 2020

Card 1
Card 2-SOLD
Card 3-SOLD
Card 4
Card 5
Card 6
Card 7-SOLD
Card 8
Card 9-SOLD
Card 10
Card 11-SOLD
Card 12
Card 13
Card 14
Card 15-SOLD
Card 16-SOLD
Card 17-SOLD

Card 18-SOLD

Card 19
Card 20
Card 21-SOLD
Card 22
Card 22a
Card 23-SOLD

Card 24-SOLD
Card 25
Card 26-SOLD
Card 27
Card 28
Card 28a-SOLD
Card 29
Card 30
Card 31
Card 32-SOLD
Card 33
Card 34-SOLD
Card 35
Card 36
Card 36a
Card 37
Card 38-SOLD
Card 39
Card 40
Card 41

Card 42
Card 43-SOLD
Card 44
Card 45
Card 46
Card 47-SOLD
Card 48
Card 49
Card 50-SOLD
Card 51
Card 52
Card 53
Card 54-SOLD
Card 55
Card 56-SOLD
Card 57-SOLD
Card 58-SOLD
Card 59
Card 60-SOLD
Card 61-SOLD
Card 62-SOLD
Card 63
Card 64-SOLD
Card 64a-SOLD
Card 65
Card 66
Card 67
Card 68
Card 69
Card 70

SAMPLE CARDS will only be used once, it will be marked SOLD beside the card number once someone speaks for it. If that is the card you'd like you will have to pick a different card, or I can create something similar for you. You will not have the same card as anyone else. All samples are sized to 4x6 but can be adapted to other sizes upon request. Please note in first email if you require a different size. All samples are $20 which includes the digital file, so you can get your cards printed where you like, color edit, adding your names and photo(s). Additional edits are $5.00. Please email your photo(s) to Include your names in the order you would like them to appear. Cards are usually done within two working days.
CUSTOM CARDS are available starting at $25.00 for the digital design. Please include details and the colors you would like on your card. You will receive a minimum of 4 samples to mix and match from. Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom orders.
If you have not heard from me in 2 days please email or PM me as I probably didn't receive your order.