Sunday, November 13, 2016

Working on some new projects!

More details to follow next week!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Christmas Cards

Less than 3 months until Christmas!  Each card is used only once. You will not have the same card as anyone else.  Cards shown are $20.00 for the digital file.  Custom cards start at $25.00
Email if you have any other questions to place an order.
Card 1
Card 2
 Card 3-SOLD
 Card 3A
Card 4
Card 5-SOLD
Card 5A
Card 6-SOLD
Card 7-SOLD
 Card 7A
Card 8-SOLD
Card 8A-SOLD

 Card 9-SOLD
Card 10
Card 11

Card 12-SOLD

Card 13-SOLD

Card 14
Card 15-SOLD

Card 16-SOLD

Card 17-SOLD
Card 18-SOLD

Card 19-SOLD

Card 20-SOLD

Card 21-SOLD
Card 22-SOLD
Card 23
Card 24
Card 25 
Card 26-SOLD
Card 27
Card 28-SOLD
Card 29
Card 30-SOLD
Card 31
Card 32
Card 33-SOLD
Card 34-SOLD
Card 35

Card 36
Card 36A
Card 37
Card 37A
Card 38
Card 39-SOLD
Card 40
Card 41-SOLD
Card 42
Card 43
Card 44
Card 45 -SOLD
Card 45A-SOLD
Card 46
Card 47
 Card 48-SOLD
Card 49-SOLD
Card 50-SOLD
Card 50A-SOLD
Card 51-SOLD
Card 52-SOLD
Card 53-SOLD
Card 54
Card 55
Card 56
Card 57-SOLD
Card 58
Card 59
Card 60- SOLD
 Card 61-SOLD
Card 62
Card 63-SOLD
Card 64
Card 65-SOLD
Card 66-SOLD
Card 67
Card 68
 Card 69-SOLD
Card 70-SOLD
Card 71-SOLD
Card 72
Card 73
Card 74 -SOLD
Card 75