Saturday, October 13, 2012

Christmas Cards 2012

Christmas is around the corner!

All Cards shown below are $20.00. Price includes background and font color edit.
I will mark SOLD once a card has been purchased, and it will no longer be available. I will leave the card up so that others are able to see available fonts and colors.

Custom Cards are still available.
$25.00 per Card Design Price includes 4 custom sample cards and one edit. Each additional edit is $5.00

Once your card is designed you can decide where you would like to get your card printed.  You can either have it emailed and you can print it where you like , or I can send it to Walmart for printing.

Please contact me at,  if you have any further questions.

Card 1. SOLD
Card 2 -SOLD
Card 3. brown
Card 3. Black
card 4
card 5- SOLD
card 6-SOLD
card 7 SOLD
card 8.
card 9. SOLD
card 10
Card 11.SOLD
Card. 12
Card. 13
Card 14. SOLD
Card 15. SOLD
Card 16. SOLD
Card.17 - SOLD
Card 18. SOLD

Card. 18A SOLD
Card. 19A
Card 19.
Card 20.
Card 21.-SOLD
Card 22.
Card 23.-SOLD
Card 24. SOLD
Card 25. SOLD
Card 25A SOLD
Card 26. SOLD

All cards shown and custom orders are used only once.

You will not have a duplicate of someone else's card.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Celebrate the Birth of A Precious Child- Updated

Print 1. Girl
Print 1 Boy
Print 2.
Print 3.
Print 4.

Thanksgiving Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!! How Blessed we are to live in Canada.  A free country with an abundance of everything. 
As many of you know my sister and her husband are in Zambia.  And she was telling me about a family with 5 children their mom had recently passed away and their dad was raising them. He doesn't have a steady job and is having a hard time feeding them.  My sister just updated me and found out that the father is leaving and the 5 children and they will be moving in with their aunt and uncle who have 4 children.  The aunt and uncle can not afford to feed these children, but they are giving them a home out of love.
For this weekend all the above prints will be $5.00 and all proceeds will go towards providing a food parcel for the aunt and uncle. 
Please prayerfully consider purchasing a print to help feed this family.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

OCC Cards

These are a great addition to your shoe box for Operation Christmas Child.
They are $5.00 for the design and then you can get them printed where you'd like.
Just send me your picture and I'll add it to the card.

Card. 1
Card 2.