Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm back!  So during my "break" I started a new blog.  Lol.  Like I don't have enought to do;)
My baby started kindergarten today. (Where does time go??)  And people have asked me what I will do with all my time.  I keep saying God will keep me busy! 

And so I started Packing Boxes of Love.  A blog dedicated to help you stretch your dollar, helping you pack more boxes for Operation Christmas Child.   You can also like my fb page.

I am also starting a Shine Design facebook page.  It should be up and running in the next few days.

Also you will notice on the right that I added a link to Sponsoring a child thru Beyond Ourselves.
This is an excellent organization.  It is based out of the UK.
But for $25 Canadian you can sponsor a child. 
And 100% of the money goes towards the project. 
They will receive
  • a meal each day
  • a new school uniform (which women in the community sew)
  • paying the school teacher salaries
  • paying the cooks of the feeding program
  • purchasing ongoing school resources
  • basic medical care
So your money will benefit the child as well many others in their community!

With your help, thru the proceeds of this blog, I have sponsored two precious children!
I'll upload their pictures in the next few days.

New prints will be coming in the next few weeks as well as Christmas Card samples and something new, which I am excited about.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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